MicrobialEvolution.org is a Go!

Today – Darwin’s 204th birthday – we are happy to “launch” in a more public way MicrobialEvolution.org.  Thanks to the excellent work of Chris Engles, the site has been up and running, and I have finally managed to take the time to gather enough material from pestering a few colleagues that the point of the site will hopefully be somewhat clear.  We have recently added some new syllabi (from Jonathan ArnoldJohn McCutcheonPaul Turner, and Joshua Weitz) and a project designed by Joshua to use a models to study population dynamics that ensue due to CRISPR-mediated host-phage interactions.  We have also begun to expand our list of “Investigators” that we hope will give interested students (and PIs) a clearer view of who is in the field.  If you are missing please let us know; we have only made it part way through our list from an initial brainstorming.  So I hope you enjoy seeing what your other colleagues have put into place, and please consider sharing some of your own.  Cheers,
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